Science, Art & Cognition: Transdisciplinary Workshop. 2017.

propuesta 3 corregida TRANSDISC.jpg

The aim of this event is to foster in an informal environment, a vivid discussion between experts and students working at the interface between art and science. Of particular interest are the cognitive processes involved in their research.


Photo Gallery:


viktor muller.jpg
Viktor Müller: Hyper-Brain Networks and Interpersonal Action Coordination during Music Performance
Anjan Chatterjee: The Neurology of Art
Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova: Individual motor signatures and socio-motor biomarkers in schizophrenia
ruben fossion.jpg
Ruben Fossion: Homeostasis from a time-series perspective
alexander bies.jpg
Alexander J. Bies: Examining the relationship between perceived complexity and beauty in natural scenes
cristian huepe2.jpg
Christian Huepe: Music as a complex system: From self-organization to criticality
christian rummel.jpg
Christian Rummel: Linear and Nonlinear Interrelation Networks in Intracranial EEG of Epilepsy Patients
mari corsi.jpg
Mari Corsi: Brain activity during recognition of emotion expressed by musical structure variations
luis mochan3.jpg
Luis Mochan: Light in Motion
Jorge Useche: The psychoacoustics of musical intervals and the emergence of macroscopic quantities in melody
Norberto Grzywacz: A Theory for How the Brain Learns Aesthetic Values
Tom Froese: The cognitive science of art and cognition in Paleolithic caves
Fernando Rosas: Coordination beyond redundancy: towards a wider understanding of scynchronisation in art performances
Shlomo Dubnov: Computer Creativity and Musical Information Dynamics

We also had the opportunity to listen to Gabriela Pérez (“On the relation between music imagery and cochlear mechanics: A combined EEG and otoacoustic emissions study”), Francisco Fernández de Miguel, Pablo Padilla (“Drugs, music and brain activity”) and Rafael Barrio (“Mostly Music”).

On Wednesday, we enjoyed an excursion to the archeological site of Chacaltzingo.

chacaltzingo2.jpg  chacaltzingo1.jpg





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