Science, Art & Cognition: Transdisciplinary Workshop. 2017.

The aim of this event is to foster in an informal environment, a vivid discussion between experts and students working at the interface between art and science. Of particular interest are the cognitive processes involved in their research. Program: Photo Gallery: Conferences We also had the opportunity to listen to Gabriela Pérez (“On the relation […]

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Symposium on Brain Signal Analysis: Techniques and Applications

Fecha: del 18 al 20 de agosto de 2016 Lugar: Centro Internacional de Ciencias A.C. (UNAM) Organizadores: Julieta Ramos Loyo (UDG) Ruben Fossion (UNAM) Markus F. Müller (UAEM) Topics of the workshop: Presentation of different techniques of analysis. Propositions for applications to brain signal analysis. The range of application might be quite diverse including analysis […]

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